App review: Paprika recipe manager – my cookbook shelf in an app

App review: Paprika recipe manager – my cookbook shelf in an appThis article may contain compensated links. Please read disclaimer for more info

I honestly don’t know where I would be without the Paprika recipe app. When we decided to move abroad, I knew I couldn’t bring all my treasured cookbooks so it was a relief to know all my favourite recipes were in one spot.

After all, sometimes when you are far away from family and friends you really crave those things that taste like home.

Paprika recipe manager app is my number one go to resource for all things cooking and recipe related. Its creators describe it as a recipe manager however it has a few more useful functions that I will explain.

This is an app I use every day – and you can’t say that about most of the apps on your smart phone, can you?

Formats available: iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows

5 best things about the Paprika recipe manager app

1. Import recipes from the web into a standard format and adjust them with your own preferences.

This part is genius – you find a recipe you like and by simply choosing  “save recipe” the app pulls all the information available from the website into a standard format.

Fields include: recipe name, ingredients, cooking time, preparation time, directions serves, difficulty, and even nutrition. You can then change any of the fields as you like add other information such as notes, rating and recipe category.

The app is linked up to hundreds of recipe sites to do this automatically however you can also add recipes manually.

2. Ability to organise recipes into categories you prefer i.e. by cuisine, meal type, course etc. I love this too.

Sometimes my brain is working in people over for dinner mode so I can choose my “occasions” category and sometimes I’m trying to think of something interesting to make as a snack for the kids.. go to “snack” category.

Recipes can be put into multiple categories and you can also add subcategories. It’s enough to put this organisation freak into a frenzy.

Paprika categories screen shot

Paprika categories screen shot


3. Search recipes by ingredient, name or where you found the recipe. The ingredient search in particular is really useful if you are trying to use up some left over veggies or protein.

4. Plan meals and create shopping lists – in Paprika you can add meals – breakfast, dinner, lunch and snacks to its in app calendar. You can then add the ingredients for those meals into a shopping list automatically, the app then consolidates quantities and you can adjust for what you already have in y our pantry. Yep. They’ve thought of pretty much everything.

5. Sync recipes and lists across devices – extremely useful when out shopping and you are either checking your shopping list (see above) or looking for inspiration as you stumble across some yummy ingredients.

Personally I use my iPad version for browsing the web for recipes, planning meals and cooking and the iPhone version is perfect for when I’m out shopping.

Other nice features – scale recipes to the number of serves you require, inbuilt timer in the app, cross off ingredients when you are finished using them.., highlight current step in recipe and the app also stays on while you are cooking so no messy hands tapping the screen!

If you are at all interested in cooking and keeping organised then this is definitely an app you should pay good money for. Some people think the app is expensive at $4.99 for the mobile versions and $ 25 for the desktop versions but it really is money well spent. You need to buy a licence for each type of device you wish to use it on.

Formats available: iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows

A word on support: I have used this app for at least 5 years and have not had a problem however there is a comprehensive knowledge base to support you if you have issues.

More info about Paprika on their website –

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