Faraway Files #37

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Hello mid summer! It’s definitely the time of year visit fun fairs and enjoy the thrill of fair ground rides.

That’s if you are not absolutely petrified of them like I am. When I was a child I got stuck upside down facing the ground on the zipper ride at the Rosebud fair for half an hour. I’ve never really gotten over that to be honest.

So it was a bit of a relief when my son announced all the rides at the Scandinavian amusement parks we visited recently were too scary. Except for the cruisy slow ones that involved looking a cute characters.

His sister on the other hand is a complete dare devil. Good thing her dad is too.

Do you like fast rides?

Thanks to everyone who joined our Faraway Files link up over the past two weeks. As usual there was a wonderful mix of practical advice and inspiration. My favourites were:

Jo’s trip to the Kennedy Space Centre – such an inspiring place to visit and very much on our travel wish list

Seville moved higher up my list thanks to Connie’s account of her tapas tour

I adored Nano’s impossibly beautiful photos of the hydrangea garden in Chiba, Japan

Scandinavia itinerary

This week’s post is something of a tour de force.. apologies in advance if you were hoping for a quick read! I’m afraid it’s more of a mini thesis on our itinerary for Scandinavia.

As I was compiling and writing the post I realised just how much thought and planning goes into making our trips work for the whole family. It is a process I enjoy and look forward to but no wonder people hire travel agents to work it all out for them.

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