Links + Loves – May 2016

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links + loves - may 2016

A quick observation on life in London before I share my round up of great links and other loves I found on the internet in May. As a marketer I like to observe and learn from professionals in different industries. Having been here a few seasons I think retail marketing in the UK is a funny beast. It is highly sophisticated and data driven. Brands seem to know exactly what you are thinking about and offer you the right product at the right time. With one exception. They get almost hysterical about the weather at this time of year.

Email headlines scream..  The sun is out! It’s BBQ weather! Buy some garden furniture! Build the perfect summer wardrobe! The sun is OUT people!!! You have to give it to them, I am almost convinced that we were headed for beach days for weeks on end. But we aren’t. And there is no pretending that it is going to happen. So it is unsurprising that heavy discounting starts on summer stock in late May. Now is the right time to start summer shopping when you can almost taste the promise of a handful of perfect summer days lingering in the air. Or catching up on some reading..

Eat – if you, like me, are always trying to eat a little more healthfully, try this delicious broccoli slaw
London – love art? love London? this article lists by are the major and lesser known galleries and sites for your art fix
Travel – how many have you visited? The 22 most beautiful places in the world (according to Harper’s Bazaar)
Tidy – a family in Florence is managing a 600 year old archive of letters and accounts
Drive – exploring why Italians are slightly crazy behind the wheel
Think – use social media wisely with this technique for mindful practice
Read – some of the highlights from short story month

In case you missed .. my top posts in May

Photo Journal – Trip to Hobart, Australia – link here
Happy blogiversary to me – link here
Take good care of yourself – link here

Coming up in June

This month I’ll be focusing on all things food and drink. Stay tuned on the blog and social channels for posts on new Nordic cuisine, food travel experiences, recipes and a much asked for guide to my favourite London coffee spots.

Thanks, as always, for reading

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