Our expat life – a year on

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We’ve been living our expat life in London for a year now. How did that happen? It only seems like yesterday we boarded the plane with 10 month old twins for this new adventure. It’s been a crazy ride with way fewer lows than I was expecting. I miss everyone at home so much and especially the daily rhythm of life with family and friends but I wouldn’t change this experience for a minute.

So far we’ve visited 5 countries travelling by train, boat, plane and car. We’ve been out and about in London and southern England and discovered beaches, steam trains, castles, galleries and visited iconic events such as the Chelsea Flower Show. I’m quite amazed at how much we have packed into 12 months including a trip home to Melbourne and Adelaide. The kids have been amazing and resilient. This may have something to do with us encouraging a taste for croissants. There’s not too many testy moments that can’t be fixed by a french pastry don’t you think?

Apart from all the travel and outings we’ve settled into a nice rhythm of life and made some lovely friends. I am determined not to lose my accent although I think the kids are starting to develop a London twang!

Coming up.. Brussels, Italian Riviera, an update from our visit to Hever Castle and more! We feel so grateful to have these opportunities.

Some highlights of our experience so far

  • Hanging out with my “little” brother and his family in many venues across Europe
  • Eating fondue in a chalet in the medieval swiss town of Gruyere
  • A family horse and carriage ride around the picturesque town of Bruges in Belgium
  • Biking around Lucca
  • Frank’s special birthday Dinner by Heston
  • Celebrating New Year with spectacular views over the French Alps

View of French Alps from Semnoz

What I miss about Melbourne, you dear old thing

  • All you crazy kids
  • I crave Melbourne food, cafes and coffee every day especially cheap & tasty asian food
  • The gorgeous beaches and natural beauty on our doorstep
  • The natural, easy going nature of our people
  • Our glorious sunshine!
  • Cheap and long lasting pedicures and manicures
  • Proper smashed avo!!