Respect to my crew

Respect to my crewThis article may contain compensated links. Please read disclaimer for more info

One of the hardest things about being away from home is missing my amazing friends back in Australia. Life is pretty wonderful right now but it hasn’t always been the case, and I feel incredibly lucky to have a rock solid support network of buddies who have been there through thick and thin. My crew of amazing ladies are the masters of chatting, problem solving, cuddles, laughs, discussion, sorrow drowning and (this is the best) tough love. For I think it is a true friend who can tell you (kindly) to wise up when you’re in a whinge cycle or just being plain precious.

Empty chairs Tuileries gardens Paris

My girlfriends are all very different in personality, though I have to say are all vibrant and opinionated in their own way. Each one helps me learn something new about myself and the world and gives me a new perspective to consider. Some are career focused, others more interested in travel, arts or family. Some are mothers, some hope to be mothers and some are happy not to have children. Many come from different cultural backgrounds. I cherish my friendships for this diversity and hope I contribute back to their lives similarly in some small way.

Missing our chats and catch ups is difficult however communications have come a long way since I last lived in the UK. Back then if you didn’t have a phone in your student accommodation the fastest way to reach you was carrier pigeon telegram. And it wasn’t that long ago people! Now we are connected through the magic of the internet it’s obviously a lot easier to stay in touch. I love getting a little ping on my phone with a Facebook update or message from someone out doing something fun or wanting an opinion on something. I do feel a bit detached from everyday goings on but the nature of these friendships means that we pick up where we left off easily.

Fortunately, as time passes, I’m also building my London crew. Equally special women although they seem to have less of a focus on wine than my Aussie crew… what’s with that? Their coffee obsession seems to be just about on par however.

Foundations of friendship

Image courtesy – Ravens Rest Studio – Etsy store

I stumbled across this image during the week and it made me smile and think about how important my friendships are to me. What’s not to love about this trio of pipe smoking babes having a good old natter as they saunter along the beach. The quote is particularly relevant to a person who met several close friends in the toilets of a nightclub.. ahem!

So here’s to girlfriends far and near. May we continue to laugh, drink, cause trouble and talk about issues, food, books, kids, fashion and tunes.

Thank you my loves, you know who you are x

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