Zinc Flyte kids scooter luggage review

zinc flyte review

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We love traveling with our twins but what we don’t like so much is carrying them and our luggage through huge busy airport terminals. Enter Zinc Flyte scooter luggage.

After one too many meltdowns (mine and theirs), I wanted a solution that could hold some of our many travel items and move the kids around with ease.

Many people had recommended ride on suitcases but to be honest, pulling kids and heavy luggage around and juggling passports plus my own travel items was not the solution I was looking for.

When I saw this scooter luggage concept I thought all our airport problems were solved. And were they?

After 18 months using the Zinc Flyte scooters for long and short haul international travel, I thought it was high time I wrote a review.

Summary: Zinc Flyte review summary

at the airport with zinc flyte scooter case

Zinc Flyte scooter cases help make travelling easier. Children who like scooting get around airports and train stations easily making the journey less stressful for parents.

The cases are perfect carry on size so there is enough room for your child’s clothes and some toys for a long weekend trip away inside.

We have also used the the scooter bags on days out in and around big cities where they are useful for carrying extra clothing, drinks and snacks.

Setting up the scooter and putting it away takes a little bit of practice but once you have learned the ropes your kids will be gliding through airports and train stations with ease.

What works

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move / change direction
  • Variety of fun designs
  • Roomy inside

Could be better

  • Ease of closing the scooter and top handle
  • Must be stowed in overhead luggage
  • Turning takes some practice

Case features

The Zinc Flyte scooter cases are kids carry on luggage with an inbuilt scooter.

The case is made from strong flexible plastic while the three wheeled scooter and handle are metal. The top handle is extendable and has a rubber grip so you can wheel the case like standard carry on luggage.

There is a small top handle made from plastic so you can carry the bag without extending the handle if required. This is useful for stowing the scooter in overhead compartments.

Inside,  the case is lined and there is plenty of space for a child’s clothes and toys for a 3-4 day trip. Some of the space inside is taken by the scooter mechanism but I haven’t found this to be a problem.

Tip – While it is tempting to stuff a lot of gear in, you don’t want the scooter to be too heavy otherwise it can be too hard for the kids to steer it.

Check out the video below to see the cases in action

Using the suitcase scooter

Our twin preschoolers have been using the Zinc Flyte scooter cases for a year and a half now and love them. We have taken them on long haul flights across the world and shorter trips within Europe.

Our kids happily pack their cases prior to each trip and know how to fit as many toys in a possible!

Managing the airport processes with the scooters is so much easier than if the kids were on foot. Some of these airports are huge and have long walks to the gate. Cue whining if we had to walk the whole way.


We also took the cases on our trip to the fjords of Norway and through Scandinavia where we mostly travelled by train.

The biggest test and ultimately best win for me was a solo parenting train trip to Amsterdam from London (with a change at Brussels). I doubt if I could have managed 2 kids plus luggage without the scooters.

Some challenges – what doesn’t work so well

Over the months we have had a few small challenges with the scooters.

Our kids are expert scooters but turning took a little bit of practice with these cases, especially when they are quite heavy.

While the cases are carry on sized, you will need to lift them up into the overhead hold for storage as they do not fit easily under the seat in front on an airplane.

Flipping the scooter up and down can be tricky as the mechanism is quite stiff and you need to pull quite hard to move it. The children are not able to flip the scooter up and down by themselves.

This is great from a safety perspective but it is a bit annoying if you want to fold the scooter up quickly – to go through security as an example.

Zinc flyte case specifications

There are 2 sizes of scooter for different age groups. See the table below for the specs

AgesMaximum weight of riderMaximum luggage weight
Mini Flyte - 15" | 38cm2-4 years20kg | 44lb5kg | 11lb
Midi Flyte - 18" | 46cm4-8 years50kg | 110lb5kg | 11lb

Safety considerations

Zinc Flyte scooters have in built safety mechanisms:

  • a lock on the pull up handle to stop it from falling
  • the scooter locks into place when flipped up or down and needs some force (an adult) to move it to the other position

The scooter lock can be a bit tricky to manage even for an adult. It’s my main challenge with this product but I appreciate it from a safety point of view.

Some parents like their kids to wear helmets when scooting. We are of the opinion that this product is mainly used indoors and away from moving vehicles so do not put helmets on our children when they use their scooter cases. But of course that decision is yours.

zinc flytes in action

Lastly, your children need to listen and take instruction when they are on these scooters in crowded airports or on train platforms.

You know your kids best, if you think your little ones will zoom off into the distance or crash into people on their scooter case then you may want to wait until they are school age to invest in this product. Personally I think 2 years old is a little young.

I also recommend using lifts where possible as the scooter can get in the way on escalators.

Final verdict on the Zinc Flyte scooter cases for kids

our zinc flytes

Honestly, I don’t know where we would be without our two trusty scooters. They have made a huge difference to our travels and are probably my favourite travel product of all time.

Our Zinc Flyte scooters have traveled the world with us – from the Flam Railway to the canals of Amsterdam,

The few annoying things about this luggage are more than offset by the convenience and ease of use.

People always stop us to ask us where we got them from as we cruise easily around the airport. Especially frazzled parents trying to carry kids and luggage.

Want to buy Zinc Flyte scooters?

You can buy Zinc Flyte scooters on Amazon – click here for latest prices

If you are based in the UK you can purchase the bags directly from Zinc Flyte.

I hope you found this review useful. Feel free to add a comment with your questions and I’d love to know your thoughts if you decided to get the scooters for your family.

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