Faraway Files #71

beaufort fire station - faraway files 71

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Did you go away for Easter?

We just drove 8 hours to Adelaide and back to visit family. I know even the thought of that is impossible for some of my European friends. But we just do it, because we are used to it and actually it makes sense.

Once you weigh up the cost of airfares and car hire and the time taken to get to and from airports, driving that distance is often the logical thing to do.

The drive was pretty easy to be honest. Maybe it’s because we are used to the roads and terrain but there are a few cool spots along the way like the Big Koala, a pink lake and the pretty little town of Beaufort with its little fire station (pictured above).

It was a bit different from our Italy road trips to Sicily, Lake Como and Tuscany of the past few years but I loved reacquainting myself with our beautiful country.

Plus we brought back a year’s supply of my mother-in-law’s best ever tomato sauce (passata) made to her original method straight out of Naples. So we had a slice of Italy anyway.

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tokyo sushi restaurant

If you’ve been following along our adventures for a while, you will know that exploring the local food culture is one of our favourite things to do. Japanese food is one of my favourite cuisines. I love the emphasis on fish, vegetables and rice. To me it tastes so clean and fresh.

This week on Faraway Files I am sharing a guest post by Tokyo resident Delilah on where to find the best sushi in Tokyo. She’s also provided a fabulous little etiquette guide on how to eat sushi. Enjoy.

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