How to spend 2 days in Kyoto: temples, gardens, eating and more!

kyoto two day itinerary

Only have 2 days in Kyoto? We’ve got you covered. Kyoto is arguably Japan’s most beautiful city and has many attractions to share – from ancient shrines and temples, to serene gardens and vibrant food markets. Of course many people visit Kyoto to see the cherry blossoms in spring and to admire the enchanting geisha […]

10 brilliant things to do in Kanazawa Japan

things to do in kanazawa

Kanazawa is a charming city on the west coast of Japan’s main Honshu Island. Sometimes called “little Kyoto” thanks to its picturesque Edo area districts, we quickly added the city to our Japan itinerary when we heard about its attractions. If you like teahouses, art and design, beautiful gardens and a buzzing market then you […]

Best things to do in Japan with kids

best things to do in japan with kids

A family trip to Japan is one we’ve dreamed of for years, have you? Japan has an almost irresistible mix of ancient culture and fast paced modernity, amazing food and natural wonders. And by all accounts it is a country that is clean, safe and fun. In other words, perfect for a family adventure. As […]

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