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For me, travel is not just about the destination. It is about sharing experiences with the people I care about the most.

Shortly after the birth of my twins I had a conversation with a friend who works with people during the last days of their lives. He said, “people preparing to leave this world never talk about the jobs they did, the cars they drove or the things they had, they simply talk about the time they spent with the people they love.” His words have stayed with me ever since.

About Untold Morsels

Untold Morsels is a travel blog and community featuring cultural and food experiences for families, couples and friends travelling together creating memories. Our platforms showcase unique experiences and accommodation from destinations around the world. We aim to uncover the details and the special something that turns just another trip into the stuff of lifelong legend.

Hailing mainly from the US, UK and Australia readers of Untold Morsels are women aged 30-55 who enjoy planning and researching their dream trips and destinations. They seek out memorable vacation experiences, and unforgettable activities such as staying on a houseboat in Amsterdam, finding a special restaurant with an amazing view of London’s skyline or exploring a lesser known Italian lake.

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Partnerships and advertising

I am interested in working with destinations and travel brands to help them meet their growth objectives. Drawing on my marketing and travel writing experience I would love to establish long-term campaigns and partnerships with organisations interested in leveraging my blog and social media assets.

If you feel your product or service is relevant to my readers’ interests in affordable luxury travel, expat living and cultural experiences please email Katy at [email protected] for a copy of my latest media kit.

Sponsored posts and content

I do not place links or post content from companies for free. If you would like to work with me on partnered, advertising or sponsored content please feel free to contact me.

My background

I am a strategic marketer with nearly 20 years’ experience working with brands of all sizes – from blue chip IT companies to small luxury brands and not for profit organisations. If you are interested in my professional career please view my LinkedIn profile.

How I engage

Collaboration is my middle name. My favourite way to achieve business outcomes is to work closely with clients, partners and colleagues, checking in regularly to ensure needs are being met. The most successful projects I have worked on have been the result of taking a collaborative approach to uncover creative ideas and the best way to execute them.

I hold myself and this blog accountable to high standards of ethical, social and environmental responsibility. If I am working with a company this will be made very clear on relevant blog posts and social media channels I engage in promoting their product or service.

All content that has been sponsored or paid for will be marked accordingly and I will always retain editorial control for material I publish. Please view my disclaimer and disclosures page for more information.

Brands I have worked with

I am proud to have worked with the following brands

plum guide and Untold Morsels

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For more information and statistics about the blog please view my pitch pack by clicking on the image below.

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