The ultimate guide to the best luggage sets to buy in 2019

Best luggage sets 2018

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Buying luggage can be daunting but it is also fun. If you are looking to buy luggage it means you (or someone you know) are off on an adventure and that is always exciting.

But with so many different sizes, types and brands of suitcases on the market, how do you choose the right ones for you. Luggage or suitcase sets are a great way to solve the problem – what luggage to buy – as they include a variety of options to suit different travel styles and plans.

As an added bonus they can often be nested meaning they save on valuable storage space.

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Top 10 luggage sets

ImageProductLuggage sizesOur 5* ratingPrice

Samsonite Omni
3 piece hardside spinner set
22" carry-on
26.5" case
30.5" case
4.5*click for price

American Tourister Fieldbrook II
3 piece set
15" bag
21" case
24" case
4*click for price
Merax Travelhouse
3 piece spinner set
20" carry-on
24" case
28" case
4*click for price
Travelpro Maxlite 4
3 piece spinner set
21" carry-on
25" case
29" case
4.5*click for price
Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb
3 piece set
20" carry-on
25" case
29" case
4.5*click for price
Nicole Miller Taylor
4 piece soft spinner set

22" box bag
20" carry-on
24" case
28" case
4*click for price
Kathy Van Zeeland Croco
4 piece PVC luggage set
17" shopper
21.5" carry-on
16" weekender
30" case
4*click for price
3 Piece Hardshell spinner set
20" carry-on
24" case
28" case
4.5*click for price
American Tourister Moonlight
3 piece hardside luggage set
20" carry-on
24" case
28" case
4*click for price
Haupstadtkoffer Ostkreuz
Hardside spinner set
20" carry-on
24" case
28" case
4.5*click for price

Bestselling luggage sets on Amazon

Reasons to buy luggage sets

There are several very good reasons to buy your luggage as a set rather than as separate pieces. I like things to match so sets have always been appealing but here are some more great reasons.

Types and varieties of luggage

No two trips are the same. The luggage you need for a short weekend trip is completely different to that required for a week long vacation.

If you can find a few pieces that work together for multiple trip types then you have a complete luggage solution. The top luggage brands spend time and effort on researching and developing their products so why not take advantage of their expertise.

Nesting for better storage

One of the great things about buying a set of luggage is that most have a feature where the smaller pieces can be stored inside the larger pieces.

This is such a fantastic feature when you don’t have much storage space.

Price and value

Buying a set of luggage can also be great value. I have added up the cost of buying separate pieces for many different combinations and the savings are usually around 20% when you buy a set.

Color and pattern

The best way to spot your luggage on the baggage carousel is to have a bright color or vibrant pattern. There are so many fun styles to choose from these days and if you are like me, matching items put a smile on your face.

If you buy a full set of luggage you can match from airline check in to hotel relax!

Complementary features

Thoughtful design often features in luggage sets. For example, there is often a strap that helps you connect the pieces of luggage so you can easily move them  together.

Luggage set buying guide

Here are the key things to consider when you are buying a luggage set.

Your traveling style and plans

best travel bags

Do you traveling solo, as a couple or in a family group? Do you travel often or less frequently? Are you flying to your destination, driving or going on a cruise? Do you do short or long trips?

Think about how you will use your luggage to help you make your decision. We travel in all these styles often so need a variety of suitcase sizes and types to suit our needs. 

For short trips as a couple we only need a carry on bag each but for longer trips we need several suitcases to hold all our belongings. 

We usually check two large suitcases for the four of us for longer vacations. My husband and I take smaller carry on suitcases and we use these scooter cases for the kids – you can read our full review here.

One of our major considerations is durability. We want our luggage to last many journeys through airports. If you are mainly using your luggage on road trips then this may not be as important.

How many pieces of luggage do you need?

If you are traveling frequently then you are almost certainly going to need a least 2 pieces – a carry on and a large checked bag. I don’t like to carry our largest bag on week long trips so a medium sized bag is useful.

A duffel or weekend bag is also handy for those times when you have a very short trip or need some extra space for purchases.

Wheels – 4 or 2?

I am quite sure the days of no wheels are over apart from an overnight bag. The question is do you choose luggage with 2 or 4 wheels. 

There are advantages and disadvantages for both types.

Four wheeled cases are easy to move in any direction – you can carry them beside you or push or pull them.  Another benefit they have is if you are carrying other bags you can stack them on top. They are also better balanced and less likely to topple over. The downside is the extra wheels tend to take up more space in the case.

If you are pulling your case over rocky ground or cobblestones the 4 wheel versions are not as easily moved as those with two wheels. In fact, once you are out of the airport you are more likely to be pulling your case and the 2 wheel rollers are best suited to this job.

Size and weight

best travel suitcase

Make sure to choose luggage that meets airline requirements and can hold a decent amount of weight. There is nothing worse than paying excess luggage charges or having your suitcase break open due to overstuffing. 

Airline guidelines for carry on luggage vary so it is wise to check the sizes allowed on your favorite airline before buying a new case.

Restrictions change often but you can expect that for most passengers size of carry on bags must not exceed 22 inches long x 14 inches wide x 9 inches tall (56 x 36 x 23 cm).

Material – soft or hard case

This is always the hardest part about choosing new luggage if you ask me.

Soft cases are more flexible and you can be a bit less strict with your packing. The materials used for soft cases are synthetic and durable meaning you can clean them easily. Soft side cases are lighter than the hard case alternative but may be prone to rips and tears.

Hard cases offer greater protection for fragile goods and the weather. If you have ever had your luggage sat out on a wet and windy tarmac you will know that this is a big advantage. No one wants to deal with wet belongings at the start of a vacation. 

Expandable or rigid

I always like to have extra room for purchases we make while we are away. It is nice to bring back souvenirs and gifts but not so much fun if you are struggling to fit them back into your suitcase at the end of your trip.

Badly designed expandable cases can tip over and be more difficult to move however.

Rigid cases may be more secure as they often have locks instead of zips for fastenings. 


Additional features you may want to consider include – inbuilt luggage tags, TSA approved locks, and internal organization sections with zips. These are popular additions in the more high end brands but you can always buy these separately if needed. 

Regardless of the internal design of a suitcase we always use these packing cubes to make sure our belongings are stored neatly.

Price and quality

When it comes to luggage price generally has a direct relation to quality and durability. When I buy luggage I want it to last several years, preferably over 5 years, with extensive use. 

With that in mind I am prepared to spend a little more to get a more durable product. After all, the luggage is bound to get a bit of a beating as it dragged through airports and off and on conveyor belts. 

I always look for durability and scratch resistance in external materials, handles and the wheel mechanisms. Zips and fastenings are also important.

If you plan to travel less frequently and through fewer airports, you may be able to get away with less durable luggage.

Best luggage brands 2019

Luggage needs to be durable, light and practical. Some luggage brands address these factors better than others so here is our list of the best luggage brands to consider

Samsonite is one of the oldest travel brands in the world. An American company, they have been making luggage for over 100 years and pride themselves on innovation and reliability. Having read hundreds of Samsonite luggage reviews it is clear that their products are market leaders. They offer both hard case and soft side luggage collections over several price points.

American Tourister is a great brand for fun, affordable and durable luggage. Their hard case luggage in particular is colorful and fun.  The brand is owned by Samsonite so you can be sure that the innovation and design of their bags follow the market leading standards of their parent company. 

Travelpro are experts in soft case bags. Founded by a former pilot, they take credit for inventing the roll on bag. Travelpro products score well in reviews for durability and weight ensuring they are considered among the best travel luggage 2019.

Amazon Basics retail giant Amazon entered the luggage market with a small but well regarded range of products. Amazon Basics offers both hard and soft side luggage sets.

Merax Travel are luggage set specialists who focus  on innovation and design. Key Merax luggage features include ergonomic aluminium telescoping handles, multi-directional spinner wheels and TSA security locks.

Luggage sets reviews 2019

Best overall set – Samsonite 3 Piece Omni Hardside Spinner

Samsonite is one of the leading luggage brands and delivers great value with this hardside luggage set. The three pieces are stylish and practical and cater for a broad range of travel styles. 

Well known for their durable spinner luggage, I have used and trusted Samsonite cases for many years. With the latest models the technology keeps on improving.  You can easily move the luggage as the wheels turn 360º so airport navigation is a breeze.

This luggage set also features their scratch resistant, yet lightweight,  polycarbonate technology that is designed for durability. There are TSA locks and the cases expand for extra capacity.

One of my favorite features is the internal design of the cases. They have a full zip interior divider and cross-straps so you can easily organize your packing.

The luggage looks fantastic and comes in a wide range of colors.

Sizes (length): 22-in carry-on, 26.5-in case, 30.5-in case


  • Scratch resistant
  • Nesting set
Things to consider

  • No side handles to help with moving the bags
  • Side opening on large suitcase

Note – We need 2 sets of this luggage to meet the travel needs of our family of four

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Best budget luggage set – American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II

This budget luggage set from American Tourister has all the basics covered and a few extras at a great value price. Made with sturdy and ultra light weight materials the reinforced corners give the luggage extra protection against rough handling.

Included in the package are two 2 wheeled cases and an onboard bag which can be strapped onto the extendable handles of the suitcases.  

Inside the cases there are pockets so you can keep your belongings organized. This is usually a premium feature and I like that it was included in this budget range. The quality of the internal lining is not great however so may fray.

There is a choice of 3 colors – red, purple and black

Sizes (length): 15-in on-board bag, 21-in case, 24.5-in case


  • Best value set
  • Nests for easy storage
  • Internal pockets
Things to consider

  • Minimal internal lining
  • Smaller than average cases

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Best budget hard side luggage set – Merax Travelhouse Luggage 3 Piece Set

A best seller on Amazon, the budget hardside set from Merax comes in 10 different colors and comes packed with features.

Even though the cases are extremely lightweight, durability is ensured by quality materials and rigorous testing.

The Merax cases come with expandable sides offering 25% more capacity. I like the two separate zippered sections of the interior. This is useful if you are sharing a suitcase and want to keep your items separate to those of your travel companion.

Four spinner wheels and an ergonomic handle are in place to help you guide your luggage easily. The handle is molded to the exterior of the case so it does not take up valuable storage space.

Sizes (length): 20-in carryon, 24-in case, 28-in case


  • Best value hard side set
  • Nests for easy storage
Things to consider

  • Locks may be difficult to use
  • No side handle on the carryon

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Best soft side luggage set – Travelpro Maxlite 4 3-Piece Expandable Spinner Set 

Soft side luggage is popular because it is extremely lightweight. But sometimes you need to compromise on durability as the materials may not withstand baggage handling wear and tear.

Travelpro promises both ultra light weight plus durability with the water repellent material used in its Maxlite range. This brand has been operating for 25 years and prides itself on rigorous product testing and innovation. The largest bag weighs in at 8lb.

The spinner cases have a smart expandable section designed so the bags do not fall over when extended. 

Inside there is a full sized zippered lid compartment and straps to hold belongings in place.

Taller people who struggle with low handles on cases will love the telescopic handle that comes with 2 settings. Regular and extra tall height.

Sizes (length): 21-in carryon, 25-in case, 29-in case


  • Two handle settings 
  • Ultra light
Things to consider

  • TSA locks not included
  • Large bag is huge – easy to overpack

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Best designer hard side luggage set – Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb 3-Piece set

If you are looking for a luggage set with style that has lots of features, this set by Kenneth Cole Reaction is an attractive buy.

Lightweight, durable and very stylish, the three set piece features 8 wheel spinners for ease of movement and extra feet on the side of each case so they won’t topple over whichever way they are placed.

The most impressive feature of this set is the interior that has several different sections for organizing your belongings. 

Disappointingly, this set does not come with inbuilt TSA approved locks.

Each piece of  luggage is expandable and can be nested for easy storage.

Sizes (length): 20-in carryon, 25-in case, 29-in case


  • Stylish set with added extras
  • Thoughtful interior design
Things to consider

  • TSA locks not included
  • No side handle on the carryon

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Best fashion luggage set – Kathy Van Zeeland Croco PVC Luggage Set

One of my favorite luggage sets for women is this standout collection by Kathy Van Zeeland. Featuring striking mock croc PVC leather and distinctive hardware, this set is bound to turn heads at any airport.

Styling aside, this luggage is practical too. They are some of the few soft side cases offering waterproof coverage. This means you can take full advantage of the extra space you get with the expandable sides. 

The cases are mounted on an 8 spinner wheel system and there is an easy to use push button telescopic handle to help you move them with ease.

Inside the cases there is a zippered section and a pouch for small items.

Sizes (length): 17.5-in shopper, 21.5-in carry-on, 16-in weekender, 30-in case


  • Stylish and unique
  • Internal and external pockets
Things to consider

  • TSA locks not included
  • No wheels on weekender and shopper

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Patterned luggage set – Nicole Miller Taylor Set of 4


Are you looking for a stylish luggage set that will stand out from the crowd? This plaid luggage set from Nicole Miller Taylor has 4 pieces that will see you through from overnight trips to adventures abroad.

Made from durable fabric, this set is expandable with plenty of room to store items in its two exterior and two interior zip pockets.

Featuring spinner wheels and extendable handles on the suitcases for ease of movement, it is unfortunate the duffel bag only has handles. Although you can carry this on top of the large suitcase, there is also no luggage strap.

The bags are lightweight (the largest only weighs 10lbs) and can be nested for easy storage.

Sizes (length): 22-in box bag, 20-in carry-on, 24-in case, 28-in case


  • Nesting set
  • Internal and external pockets
Things to consider

  • TSA locks not included
  • No wheels on duffel bag

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Best luggage accessories

Here are a few additional luggage items that are very useful and worth considering for your travel kit.

Luggage scale

Don’t get hit by excess luggage charges ever again.

This handy lightweight luggage scale is easy to use, accurate and lightweight.

We use our scales to help us redistribute weight among our cases. This way we can avoid overloading them which makes them more likely to get damaged.

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TSA approved locks

We all want to keep our belongings secure.

If your luggage does not come with inbuilt TSA approved locks we recommend you buy some locks like these with a 4 digit combination for peace of mind.

They enable TSA security to access your luggage without damaging your suitcase.

Click here for more information

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are the best things to have happened to travelers since the suitcase in my opinion.

These handy zipper pouches allow you to segment clothing and other items easily.

We have a different color for each family member but you can also use the different sizes for underwear, tops and bottoms.

Click for more information

If you are looking for a new hand bag for your next trip check out our guide to the best crossbody bags for travel here

The final word on the best luggage 2019

Luggage sure has come a long way since the days of Phileas Fogg and his famous carpet bag. Thank goodness!

I hope you found the perfect luggage set to suit your needs. If you are still trying to choose, then I really don’t think you can go wrong with our top rated set – the Samsonite 3 Piece Omni Hardside Spinner

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