How to find the right handbag

How to find the right handbagThis article may contain compensated links. Please read disclaimer for more info

We all have a friend who is inherently and effortlessly stylish and has the most wonderful handbags. Someone who can pick just the right piece that meets both form and function requirements that will transform an outfit. Where do they actually find these pieces? I can spend hours trawling websites and shops looking for the right handbag and settle for something that I am not entirely happy with.

My lovely friend Rachel is the friend I’ve described above. I remember shopping with her many years ago and was intrigued to watch her examine the colour, style, stitching, quality of leather and functionality of the bag she went on to buy. I made a bad (and expensive) decision that day but Rachel still has that bag, looked after appropriately and well integrated into her wardrobe.

The good news is Rachel has launched an online store Pour La Pomme that stocks a collection of bags and wallets she has curated from a selection of independent designers across the globe. Pour La Pomme is focused on beautifully crafted pieces with enduring appeal at an affordable price. You can browse by size to find the perfect bag for you. My ideal bag needs to hold my purse, keys, phone and iPad as well as a considerable amount of “mum” related items so I like watching the videos that show exactly how all that stuff fits into a bag easily. Here are a couple of the bags I am currently coveting!

You can also learn about trends, designer profiles and my favourite topic.. caring for your bags on the site’s blog.

Pour La Pomme is currently offering free shipping and returns for all UK deliveries so get shopping!

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