What to bring home from your trip to London


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I don’t know about you but when I travel I always like to bring home a special item that reminds me of the trip I went on. Photos can be so tricky these days, lost in digital wonderland often never to resurface, so it is lovely to find that special souvenir that can take you back to the people and places you met along the way.

I have a beautiful wooden elephant painted in gold from a trip to Bali that I did by myself that I cherish because it reminds me of my independence. I did that trip on my own and was able to think through and resolve a few life issues as well as sort out an incredible tooth ache which ended up meaning the tooth was removed! I can highly recommend the Indonesian dentist. Cheap as chips too!

So here’s a few ideas of gifts and souvenirs you can find in London that you may not find easily elsewhere.

London souvenirs

Details.. clockwise from top

 1. Alex Monroe rose gold vermeil bumblebee necklace
 2. Liberty London navy Hera silk scarf
 3. Clockwork royal guard 
 4. Sixpence cufflinks
 5. London gin truffles
 6. Liberty London embossed leather bag
 7. London bus book
 8. Rhubarb & rose hand wash
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