Old photos and feeling nostalgic

Old photos

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I’m sure it is not the case but life seemed less complicated when photographs were taken mainly in monochrome. People are smiling, laughing, having fun and looking fabulous. Perfect moments were captured using technology much more basic than we have today and those moments seem more authentic.

Of course photography is a lot more democratic now as the cost of capturing a scene or people digitally is significantly less than the processing costs of the past. We amass a ton of digital images that we alter and remaster to suit our preferences and the image we want to portray. At last count our little family has over 10,000 images of our children who are not yet 2 but I’m not sure any of them completely capture the essence of their personalities or the experiences we have had with them.

When people had to consider the (relatively higher) cost of producing the photos they took the time to frame their shots and wait patiently for that perfect moment to arrive before releasing the shutter on their camera. And it seems to me that this patience and dedication was well worth the time invested.

One of my favourite relaxation exercises is browsing the web for images of the past for inspiration. I’m not really drawn to any particular era but I love action photos of people having fun like the one below.

Beach toss photo via https://hollyhocksandtulips.tumblr.com
Beach toss photo via https://hollyhocksandtulips.tumblr.com

I’m collecting a series of old photos on my Pinterest board that are mainly of fabulous and fun women but also of stylish movie stars and pop icons. Have a look and take yourself back to bygone eras when things seemed a little less rushed and complicated.

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