Photo tour and top 10 things to do in Hobart Tasmania

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Back when we were living in Melbourne we took a mid winter trip to Hobart in Tasmania. For my international readers, Tasmania or ‘Tassie’ as we like to call it, is the island at the bottom of Australia that often gets missed out on maps of my country.

Hobart is its capital and is a wonderful thriving city of foodies, art lovers and craftspeople. The city is off the main tourist and backpacker routes but a visit there is well rewarded.

Hobart, Australia

Australia’s second oldest city Hobart lies on the estuary of the Derwent River on Tasmania’s south-east coast. Founded in 1803 as a British penal colony, the area was home to the Palawa indigenous tribes for tens of thousands of years prior.

Flanked by the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean and rugged bush, Hobart is also the gateway to the Antarctic. The area is known for beautiful landscapes and some of the oldest sandstone buildings in Australia.

Photo tour of Hobart

1. Mount Wellington dominates the city skyline and the views from its summit are wonderful

trip to Hobart - Mount Wellington

2. The freshest seafood – Bruny Island oysters are amazing

trip to Hobart - Bruny Island oysters

3. Pristine landscapes – Hobart sits on the Derwent River and is surrounded by bushland

trip to Hobart - MONA jetty

4. Modern architecture of Hobart’s MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) built into a cliff

hobart trip - MONA exterior

5. Sparkly art installation at MONA – exhibitions are updated often throughout the year

trip to Hobart - MONA

 6. Sandstone, a Tasmanian tiger & a brewery – the old site of Hobart’s famous Cascade Brewerytrip to Hobart - Cascade Brewery

7. A slower pace of life and retro goodness found in signs like this one from a milk bartrip to Hobart - retro goodness

7. The haunting and tragic beauty of Port Arthur

trip to Hobart - Port Arthur

Why visit Hobart

With a thriving food and art scene as well as amazing natural resources, Hobart is great destination for culture lovers and adventurers.

Top 10 things to do in Hobart and surrounds

1 | Visit the world class Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). It is rightly a big drawcard for visitors with many unique exhibitions and events throughout the year. Don’t miss Dark Mofo, MONA’s mid winter food, arts, cinema and music festival.

2 | Browse the popular Salamanca markets held each Saturday with over 300 stores of crafts and gourmet produce.

3 | Within easy reach of the city you will find fantastic cool climate wineries

Tip – wine lovers should visit Stefano Lubiana’s cellar door to try their specialty biodynamic sparkling wine and pinot noir

4 | Discover fascinating old towns like Richmond with its beautiful bridge and sandstone buildings

5 | Wander the tragically beautiful and UNESCO listed Port Arthur historical site

6 | Build up an appetite climbing Mount Wellington to admire the views – make sure to take a jacket, it can be cold even in winter

7 | Hike rainforest trails and breathe in some of the freshest air in the world

8 | Beer lovers should not miss a tour of Cascade – a 200 year old brewery

9 | Enjoy Hobart’s wonderful restaurant and cafe scene – I recommend The Source at MONA – elegant fine dining experience with a view

10 | Take a day trip to Bruny Island famous for stunning landscapes, wildlife and the freshest local produce

Hobart is one of my favourite cities in Australia and I don’t need an excuse to go back.

Not many tourists venture down south to Tassie but I’d love more international visitors to discover Tasmania and its beautiful capital.

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48 thoughts on “Photo tour and top 10 things to do in Hobart Tasmania

  1. Bumble Bee Mum says:

    Great photos! I’ve been to Melbourne like, 5 times, and every time I go there I tell myself I should go to Tasmania. But it never happened. Ugh! Wish there was a more seamless way to get from Singapore to Tasmania. #CityTripping

    • Katy says:

      Hmm. There are lots of regular flights to Hobart from Melbourne if you can pull yourself away for a day. It’s definitely worth a trip although Melb is very attractive too!

  2. Clare Thomson says:

    It looks absolutely wonderful, Katy! Love your photos. I was particularly keen to see your post because I’ve just finished reading the brilliant novel, The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Tasmanian writer, Richard Flanagan, some of which is set in Hobart.

    • Katy says:

      Ahh, that book is on my to read list Clare. Sitting on my shelf actually. Now I’m trying to think of other novels set in Hobart but the only one that comes to mind is Marcus Clarke’s For the Term of his Natural Life. Off to google ?

  3. Keri says:

    wow you’ve really brought this quaint – and often forgotten – little Aussie city to life. I adore all the fresh produce in Tassie, arguably some of the best food and wine you’ll get in the world, well worth visitors including in an Australian agenda #citytripping

    • Katy says:

      I agree wholeheartedly Keri and thanks for the lovely comments. We ate and drank so well in Tassie. Luckily there are so many great hikes to offset the indulgence!

  4. Elizabeth (Wander Mum) says:

    Hobart looks such a great place to visit…love your photos. I have been reading and hearing quite a bit about Tasmania recently but, you are right, it often gets forgotten. Next time I go to Oz (not sure when that will be!) I must put it on my list. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

    • Katy says:

      Do let me know if/when you plan a trip and I’ll do my very best to ensure it is a special one. Hobart is great. Can’t wait to go back

  5. Cathy (MummyTravels) says:

    What great photos – I’d love to visit Tasmania, my parents were there not too long ago and really enjoyed it. Art, food and scenery is a pretty good mix after all! When I finally get on to my long-planned Australia trip, I shall have to make time to get over to Tassie too. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

    • Katy says:

      Hee, hee. Yes that combination of attractions is hard to beat. Be sure to let me know when you head down under so I can give you my extra special tips ?

  6. Ruth says:

    Hobart seems to have everything I like: great scenery, history and a vibrant food and drink scene my husband will visit just for the oysters). It will be a dream to visit.

    • Katy says:

      It’s a wonderful place Ruth but just stuck right at the bottom of the earth. This may also be one of its major attractions!

  7. Jessica Kathryn says:

    Great to know. I love oysters and beautiful views so will have to add this to my list!

  8. Tara says:

    Being a fellow Aussie, who grew up in Melbourne Im ashamed to say Ive never been to Hobart! I have family in every state but Tassie so it always gets missed unfortunately! Looks so nice!

    • Katy says:

      I’m pretty sure Hobart won’t be changing any time soon. It’s nice to know there’s so much of Australia to explore. I haven’t seen Uluru!

  9. Alina Popescu says:

    Awesome photos! I am pretty sure this is the first post on Hobart I come across, but it’s definitely bumped it up my list of Australian destinations to explore. Not big into seafood, but the oysters do look super enticing.

    • Katy says:

      Thanks for dropping by Alina. Hobart and Tasmania are a little forgotten by the mainstream travel/tourist traffic but they are really missing out. If you don’t like seafood the cheese and wine is also amazing there.

  10. Janey says:

    Looks beautiful!
    I’m heading to Australia in a couple of weeks but sadly only to Melbourne but I will be back! Definitely will be checking all this out 😀

  11. Melai says:

    I love beautiful landscapes! This seems like a perfect place for summer or spring. How long do you recommend to stay here? I wish to visit someday! 🙂

    • Katy says:

      Great question Melai. I think to do it justice you would need to spend at least 10 days in Tasmania. Hobart and surrounds are a perfect place to go for a long weekend. Thanks for your lovely comment

    • Katy says:

      It’s very cool Ivana. The gallery is built into the rock face which is exposed inside the building. I love it!

  12. Marteen says:

    I’ve heard Hobart mentioned in Neighbours a few times ? It looks beautiful and you captured the place perfectly. What camera do you use?

  13. Evelina says:

    What a great guide. I’ve never been in Hobart but I’ve heard about Port Arthur. As I’m a culture and history lover, I’m sure I’ll like it there.

    • Katy says:

      Thanks Evelina – sounds like we have a lot in common! Thanks for your support and I hope you visit Hobart soon

  14. Zaria Papa says:

    Hi Katy,

    I really love your post about Hobart as your words and photos travel me there already. I have never visited yet I consider doing so! The sparkly art got my eye accompanied with all the fantastic nature photos. Thank you for sharing your experience!


  15. Ruth says:

    Everything about Hobart sounds enticing. My husband will visit just to taste those oysters. I will be happy to try the other culinary highlights.

    • Katy says:

      It’s really a lovely place Ruth. Tasmania warrants a couple of weeks exploring in itself actually. So much to see and do!

  16. WhenTwoWander says:

    We’re hoping to visit Hobart for New Years this year and the end of the Sydney to Hobart race. Will take some of these ideas into account, but I cannot understand how anyone can eat Oysters!

    Sam @ WTW

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