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Liberty Isabella jacquard scarf

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Since we have lived in London I’ve set up a few little indulgent routines for myself. One is catching up on emails and research over a (frankly superb) coffee at Pennethorne’s cafe at Somerset House. Another is a seasonal shopping for scarves expedition at Liberty.

The scarf hall at Liberty of London

Truly a treat to myself, a visit to the scarf hall at Liberty is a wonderful retail experience from browsing the carefully selected product range to walking away swinging your iconic purple shopping bag. The world-renowned selection of international, local and in-house designs is beautifully curated and the centrepiece of the Argyll Street store.

I always look forward to seeing the wonderfully creative ways their visual merchandising team showcases the scarf collection. Below is a snap looking down to the scarf hall from 2014’s stunning The Store That Launched 1,000 Ships Christmas campaign.

Liberty of London - tips on shopping for scarves at one of the world's most interesting department stores

Buying your scarf at Liberty of London

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming so I have learnt to engage the floor staff for assistance. If you are interested in sales techniques better to look to these women for inspiration than the hard sell tactics we find in most other stores. I have yet to come across a member of Liberty staff who can’t tease even a shabby brief out of me and come up with some divine inspiration.I’m not the most adventurous of customers (i.e. probably boring) however each time they have magicked a selection of up to 10 items that I can ooh and ahh over for ages.

Once each scarf has been artfully draped around my neck in a variety of different ways I can narrow it down to around 3. Then it usually comes down to budget, though I have been sorely tempted by “investment pieces” (my words, not theirs!) several times. The end result is a delighted customer who has had considerable value from all purchases made and therefore quite willing to slot my scarf buying trips into a biannual routine.

It’s worth noting that if you are not a black belt in scarf drapery then the staff are always willing to give you a master class regardless of your spending intentions. That’s the kind of service I have really come to appreciate from Liberty and I hope you have the chance to experience this for yourself.

Scarves I’m coveting

Tips for choosing your perfect scarf at Liberty

✪ Have a rough idea of colour palette in mind – it’s only taken me 4 decades to figure it out but keeping things simple colour wise from season to season makes it much easier to get maximum value from my wardrobe

✪ Silk, wool or jacquard? Is your scarf going to keep you stylishly warm or complete your summer wardrobe?

✪ Know yourself – I really don’t like very thick fabric around my neck so blanket styles are out for me

✪ A budget is useful so you don’t get carried away.. you have been warned

Liberty is a haven from the heaving stores of Oxford and Regent Street and my favourite place to shop in London.

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