The best: dark mint chocolate

Charbonnel et Walker dark mint thins

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Do you have a favourite type of chocolate? Trick question. Of course you do.

My hubby likes Milka the best.. I know, I was shocked too. He found  a bar with embedded crackers when we visited Switzerland earlier this year.

I have to admit the saltiness and crunchiness of the crackers nicely offsets the sweet creamy chocolate and I definitely recommend that you try it should you come across it.

Milka with Tuc crackers

I, however, prefer dark chocolate and especially dark mint chocolate and am on a constant mission to find the brand with just the right smooth dark chocolate offset by a subtle but not too subtle flavour of mint.

The best dark mint chocolate

I think I may have struck gold with these Charbonnel et Walker dark chocolate mint thins. I discovered them at Liberty of London while looking for a gift for a friend little treat. They come in a specially made box that looks like a treasure chest.

You flip the lid open to reveal a delicate waft of mint and chocolate coming from the dark couverture disks. Unfortunately quite a few were broken but oh well, into the mouth they popped..  melting slowly. Pure dark mint chocolate bliss.

Charbonnel et Walker chocolates are a luxurious treat.  You really want to be savouring rather than scoffing these beauties but I’m not too proud to admit they don’t last a week in our house.

Charbonnel et Walker dark mint chocolate thins

Charbonnel et Walker are one of Britain’s oldest and finest chocolatiers. They hold a royal warrant meaning they are suppliers to Her Majesty The Queen.

While I found the chocolates at Liberty, you can also visit their beautiful store in the Royal Arcade on Old Bond Street and discover their full range of couverture chocolates.

Just visiting the store is a treat but I also recommend you try their Champagne truffles and English violet creams. These varieties are delicious but I have a firm favourite in the dark chocolate thins.

A new contender?

If you are in London then you must pop into Fortnum and Mason and browse their chocolate selection. That’s what I did recently and discovered their Highgrove Organic Mint Truffles. Oh my goodness, they are quite special.

Fortnums also make very good dark chocolate mint neapolitans.

The quest has not ended

I do love these chocolates but I have not ended my mission to discover the world’s best dark mint chocolate. Your recommendations are most welcome!

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The best dark mint chocolate

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