Top 4 mouthwatering tastes at Borough Market this August

Bread Ahead baguette

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Due to some weird roadworks near our place and seriously bucketing down rain I found myself at Borough Market at lunchtime today – oops! So obviously, I had to savour a few bites from this ultimate of London foodie meccas.

Borough Market should be renamed Kangaroo Food Court because it is full of Aussie tourists. I didn’t mind, I was feeling a little homesick due to the aforementioned rain. I joined my fellow Australians and enjoyed a smorgasbord of flavours from around the market.

Here are my top 4 finds:

1. Mushroom pate – wowser! – this literally exploded with intense mushroom flavour on my tongue so I bought it immediately – from Pate Moi

2. Cherry tomato and pesto focaccia from Bread Ahead – proving the point that vegetables should be eaten seasonally. The tomatoes bursting with sweet summery flavour. Yum.

3. More of an intense scent experience – the aroma of these black truffles from Tartufaia Truffles – took me straight back to Italy

4. Amazing fennel and pepper salami from Gastronomica.

Sadly, we don’t get to Borough Market much these days. Though my stomach craves all that is on offer there – from the freshest of seafood to the gooiest of French cheeses – my brain is not prepared to deal with the crowds with our monster double pram and tantrum prone twosome! Instead, we head to Maltby Street Market which is a bit less touristy and certainly less crowded – at least at 9am!

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