Thai Food Culture: 10 delicious Dishes to Try in Thailand

thai food culture

When asked to think of the best cuisines in the world, not many countries go through my head before thinking of Thailand. Thai cuisine is one of the most popular, versatile and all-around-delicious cuisines on the planet (just check out the 50 best foods in the world). You may think yobu know what I’m talking […]

Seoul food guide: What to eat in the Korean capital

seoul korean bbq - where to eat in seoul

    Seoul is one of the biggest metropolises in the world, with millions of residents and annual visitors. The city is also an untapped gold mine of Korean food from across the peninsula, in addition to craft chocolate producers and artisanal cheesemongers. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to experience Korean food, but without […]

Kuala Lumpur food guide and city highlights

Kuala Lumpur food and city guide

The sparkling PETRONAS towers, shopping centres and designer shops could fool you into thinking Kuala Lumpur has no soul. But peel back the layers and you will soon see a place steeped in a rich history and a strong culture. After living here for a year I want to share with you the other side […]

Hong Kong itinerary: 3 days in the skyscraper city

victoria harbour with star ferry hong kong - Laugh Travel Eat

Hong Kong is a city many people pass on transit, and it is one many don’t budget enough time to explore. While Hong Kong might be known for its high density living, the city itself is big enough that a 3 day trip would only get you the highlights. Luckily, many major sights are clustered […]

Balinese food guide – 10 local foods to try in Bali

Balinese food guide sate satay

Bali has been one of my favourite destinations since my first visit to Indonesia as a teenager. I love its unique culture, colourful ceremonies and, of course, delicious Balinese food. Balinese cuisine reflects the mainly Hindu population of the island but also borrows from the cooking traditions of nearby Java and as far afield as […]

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