Best apps for London – download before you go!

best apps for London

Last updated October 2018 Once you have booked your flights, planned your itinerary and sorted out your accommodation for London, don’t forget to download some handy apps to your phone. There are thousands of London apps to help you with everything from navigating the tube to booking theatre tickets. I have chosen my favourite and […]

Tips on moving to London – keeping your family safe


Keeping our family safe and healthy was our number one priority when we moved to the UK. Apart from our own concerns, we also had to manage those of friends and family.  They were (and are) naturally nervous due to the widely reported attacks on the public in the British capital since 2005. But having […]

Learning letterpress printing with Harrington & Squires

Learning letterpress printing

In my day job I work with an amazing company – Hurtwood Press – that produces extremely beautiful bespoke books and printed artifacts. They have a long history with print of all mediums and working with them has sparked in me a curiosity in typography, design and printing. So I was delighted that for my birthday […]

My favourite family traditions for a magical Christmas

Christmas tree decorations - snowman

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year starting from when I was a little girl. Even though several decades have passed every year it remains important for my family to remind me of my 5am wake ups on Christmas Day and meticulous “fairness” assessment of Santa’s deliveries under the tree. I will never […]