Fireflies in Tuscany: nature’s fairy lights

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Have you ever seen fireflies? They are the prettiest things! When we were in Italy recently we went for a stroll at dusk.

As we walked up the path towards our villa we spotted hundreds of tiny yellow lights flickering along the ground and in the trees. I have to confess that initially I thought someone had got all creative and Pinterest happy with some LED lights.

Disclaimer – we don’t have fireflies in Australia!

Tuscany | Italy - Firefly lane where thousands of sparkling fireflies come out to play
Firefly lane – Where the fireflies came out to play at night

I actually gasped when I realised that the little lights were fireflies. They look like little fairies flitting around the night sky. Nature is truly magical. I can’t wait to see my children’s faces when they are old enough to appreciate this bewitching sight.

I searched everywhere for a great image of how the fireflies look at night as I wasn’t able to capture the moment myself. It seems fireflies are elusive little creatures and won’t be pinned down! Instead, here’s a video from National Geographic

Video credit – Vincent Brady

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near Lucca | Italy - Discovering fireflies in Tuscany

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  1. Grey World Nomads says:

    That’s interesting! I didn’t know that there are no fireflies in Australia. In Switzerland where I grew up, there are plenty. But nevertheless I enjoy them always as they stand (fly) for the summer.

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