How to avoid pickpockets in Italy

pickpockets italy - how to avoid pickpockets at tourist sites like the spanish steps in rome

Italy is generally a very safe country however tourists visiting the cities are sometimes targeted by opportunistic thieves. In this article we share how to avoid pickpockets in Italy and keep your belongings safe.  We’ve included tips on how to prepare for your trip and what to do if you are one of the very […]

Why you need travel insurance for Italy

italy travel insurance

Do you need travel insurance for Italy? Yes, we believe you do. No matter how careful you are, things can and do go wrong when you travel. Even in a relatively safe country like Italy. You’d be surprised how many trips are canceled due to emergencies at home or the number of people who fall […]

Where to buy last minute travel insurance

last minute travel insurance

When you are getting ready for a trip there are thousands of things to do. If you are a planner like me, you get knee deep in working out the ideal itinerary, things to do and places to stay that sometimes you forget one very important thing – travel insurance. Don’t worry, we’ve all done […]

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