Tips on moving to London with small children – building a network

Sandpit fun at playgroup

A big concern for anyone moving countries, let alone with small children in tow, is whether you will be able to find and build a network of friends. I’ve been solo parenting in London while my husband is back in Australia for business and family reasons for over a week and the thought of this would […]

The best: dark mint chocolate

Charbonnel et Walker dark mint thins

  Do you have a favourite type of chocolate? Trick question. Of course you do. My hubby likes Milka the best.. I know, I was shocked too. He found  a bar with embedded crackers when we visited Switzerland earlier this year. I have to admit the saltiness and crunchiness of the crackers nicely offsets the sweet […]

Tips on moving to London with small children – healthcare

london healthcare tips for expats

If your family is anything like mine we have never accessed healthcare services more than since our children arrived. GPs were for annual checkups, specialist referrals and the odd prescription pre kids. Nowadays it seems a month doesn’t go past without a trip to the GP..  and I think I am quite relaxed about letting […]