Little Passports review: Early Explorers kids subscription box

Little Passports review: Early Explorers kids subscription box

The world is an amazing place wouldn’t you agree? We think so, and that’s why we like travelling with our kids.

We want them to explore the world beyond their neighbourhood and discover new cultures and ideas.

But as we can’t always be on vacation, I was excited to find the Little Passports kids subscriptions boxes that aim to teach children about geography and the world around us.

Summary: Little Passports review

Little Passports review Early Explorers subscription box

Early Explorers subscription box for ages 3 to 5

Little Passports Early Explorer kids subscription box is a fun and engaging way to introduce children aged 3 to 5 to our world, its geography, people and culture.

The monthly subscription is supplemented with online resources that spark ongoing interest in the topics covered in the box.

My kids – 3½-year-old twins – love getting their pack each month and learning about new subjects related to our travels and beyond. From a parent’s perspective, this is a well thought out, mess free program that you can use for several hours. I even learnt a few things!

What works


Indoor, mess free fun


Online content

Could be better

Ability to choose topics

Shipping costs

What doesn’t work

Just giving the box to kids – you must engage!

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Our first Little Passports subscription box

My Little Passports reviews - Early Explorers kids subscription box

There is something so exciting about getting something in the post so when our first box arrived my children would not relent until I gave in and opened it for them.

Inside was a little suitcase filled with papers and stickers. I have to admit my first reaction could best be described as underwhelmed. The box looked quite empty with just a few papers inside.  But, as mums do, I persevered, and we had a lovely couple of hours working through the activities.

We have 3½-year-old girl/boy twins, so they instantly related to Mia and Max the characters that you follow with the Little Passports series along with their dog Toby. They even look a bit similar, so we had a good head start on capturing their imagination.

Buy Little Passports

Stickers are always a hit with my two, so once we talked about those and stuck them randomly all over the suitcase, we moved on to the passport activity book. We enjoyed most of the activities, but some were a bit too difficult for their stage of learning.

I liked the variety of activities offered that encouraged basic maths and literacy skills.

The surprising highlight for me was that the kids loved the poster wall map. We are an Australian family living in the UK and with relatives and friends all over the world.

The children love pointing to the places and learning more about where their grandparents, cousins and friends live.

Kids subscription boxes - Little Passports Early Explorer

Once we finished the pack, I was pleasantly surprised to find suggestions for further learning and more ideas on the Little Passports blog and Pinterest page.

The suitcase can be easily stored away with the contents inside to be used at a later date.

Early Explorers world food package

When we opened our second Little Passports package I was delighted to find that this month’s topic was world food. Trying new foods is an important part of our travels and this blog so discussing how food fits into culture with the Early Explorers kit was as interesting to me as it was to the kids.

Being Australian I loved the inclusion of some specifically Aussie offerings as well as different food items from all over the world. There were even foods I had not heard of. We all learned something from this package.

Do Little Passports boxes offer value for money?

Of course, the answer to this is entirely subjective. However, I like to think of the alternatives to this kind of service. We have had at least 3-4 hours of play and learning from each package so far and the inclusion of the memory game in the second package means we will get more entertainment in the coming weeks.

If you think about how much a kid’s magazine or a trip to the movies costs as a comparison, then I believe the package offers reasonable value for money.

Early Explorers box contents

The best way to extract maximum value from your subscription is to take the themes and weave them into your activities at home. You can find lots of online resources including recipes and craft activities on the Little Passports blog.

Shipping costs on the packages seem expensive for international orders. As the boxes ship out of the US, I wonder if there is a way for the company to ship domestically outside the USA.

Final verdict on Little Passports kids subscription box

The Little Passports concept is a great idea for parents wanting to help their children understand more about the world and different cultures. My kids and I liked how each package offered lots of variety with stickers, games and puzzles included in the pack. Even though they didn’t quite get some of the content we have stored the items in the suitcase to refer to at a later date.

An important note for parents – if you want to make the most out of your Little Passports subscription you really need to sit down and discuss each item with your children.

I liked this approach because it gave me an opportunity to share some of my own passions with my kids in a way they could relate to.

Little explorers subscription - Passports map

I am a bit of a neat freak and avoid messy crafts for that reason. Thankfully all the items received in this subscription box can be neatly stored away to my satisfaction.

We had a 3-month trial subscription of Little Passports. I have since signed up for an additional 6-month Little Explorers subscription as I was impressed with the content.

To make the concept even better and more relevant to our travels it would be wonderful if we could choose the countries/themes featured but that is nitpicking.

Little Passports shipping information

Little Passports ships to 10 countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and are adding new countries regularly.

You can find a full list of shipping destinations on their website.

Want to buy Little Passports?

Head over to the Little Passports site where they often run promotions particularly on their 12-month subscriptions. The company also makes similar travel subscription boxes for older age groups.

12 month subscription6 month subscription3 month subscriptionMore info
USA$14.95 per month
One time payment of $179.40
+ $36 shipping to USA
$16.95 per month
One time payment of $101.70
+ $18 shipping to USA
$17.95 each month
+ $3 shipping to USA
*billed monthly
Click here
UKOne time payment of £108
+ £34.40 shipping to UK
Save £36 | 3 months free
One time payment of £60
+ £17.70 shipping to UK
Save £12 | 1 month free
£12 each month
+ £3.95 shipping to UK
*billed monthly
Click here
Australia$USD 14.95 per month
One time payment of $USD 179.40
+ $66 shipping to Australia
$USD 16.95 per month
One time payment of $USD 101.70
+ $33 shipping to Australia
$USD 17.95 each month
+ $USD 5.50 shipping to Australia
*billed monthly
Click here
TermsAuto renews after 12 months
Cancel renewal anytime
Auto renews after 6 months
Cancel renewal anytime
Auto renews each month
Cancel renewal anytime

I hope you found this Little Passports Early Explorers review useful. Feel free to add a comment with your questions and I’d love to know your thoughts if you decided to get Little Passports.

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Disclaimer: I was given a Little Passports Early Explorers trial subscription for review. All opinions on the product are mine/my children’s own. This post also contains affiliate links. Please go to our disclosure page to read our full affiliate policy.


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  1. 19th March 2017 / 9:19 AM

    Great review – we had a six month subscription to this and my daughter still plays with her ‘orange suitcase’. I keep dithering over subscribing again, as you say the postage is pricy although you do get a lot from each month. I must check out the extra ideas on the blog.

    • 19th March 2017 / 7:23 PM

      Thanks Cathy! I had a good long think about the value and on balance I think it works out, especially compared with those character magazines my kids have just discovered!

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