English Christmas traditions and how to celebrate them in London

English Christmas traditions - Christmas tree and ice skating

Before I moved to London, Christmas in England seemed to be a snowy affair. Children with rosy cheeks, woolly hats and gloves sang carols in the snow as robin red breast sat on a holly branch. I imagined lunch was a huge turkey dinner followed by steaming Christmas pudding. Now I have experienced a few […]

11 London galleries for art lovers

best galleries in london - london art galleries

Attention art lovers, this one is for you. A trip to London would not be complete without visiting one of the city’s many outstanding art galleries. Whether you are a first time visitor to London or simply interested in exploring the art scene of the city further there is a London gallery that is perfect for […]

London in winter travel guide – things to do and where to stay

How to visit London in winter - winter in London

Are you planning a trip to London in winter? Get your woolly hat and gloves ready, it’s a lot of fun. There are plenty of things to do in London in winter even on the greyest of days. Things to do in London in winter Visiting London in December, January and February provides some unique challenges. […]

Beyond the spray can: A street art tour of East London

GCAK moth mural seen on Street Art London walking tour

I like street art but I don’t much like graffiti. I get a small thrill from noticing colourful murals and clever stencils peeking out of unexpected places of the cities I live in and visit. Mostly I appreciate their political statements and thought-provoking messages. But the black scrawl of graffiti provokes a negative response in […]

Where to get your Italian culture fix in London

London | UK - Where to find the best Italian food, fashion and art in London

My favourite country to visit is Italy. Sorry France, you come a very close second! I love the picturesque villages and towns, beautiful landscapes and bustling cities. The architecture and attention to detail in Italian art and design work is inspirational. And of course the food is amazing.c Sometimes I feel I need a little hit […]