Where to get your Italian culture fix in London

London | UK - Where to find the best Italian food, fashion and art in London

My favourite country to visit is Italy. Sorry France, you come a very close second! I love the picturesque villages and towns, beautiful landscapes and bustling cities. The architecture and attention to detail in Italian art and design work is inspirational. And of course the food is amazing.c Sometimes I feel I need a little hit […]

London coffee guide: Where to find great coffee in London

great coffee in London

This topic is important fellow coffee lovers. If you are new to London or visiting the city and you love/need your coffee then you need tips on where to find a great pour. London coffee prices are shockingly high. You can pay as much as £4 for a latte in this town. So it had […]

London loves – shopping for scarves at Liberty

Liberty Isabella jacquard scarf

Since we have lived in London I’ve set up a few little indulgent routines for myself. One is catching up on emails and research over a (frankly superb) coffee at Pennethorne’s cafe at Somerset House. Another is a seasonal shopping for scarves expedition at Liberty. The scarf hall at Liberty of London Truly a treat […]

Dinner with a iconic London view

When I dine out in London I like to find special venues that showcase this amazing city to its full potential. More than a meal, the restaurant should offer fantastic service, a welcoming atmosphere and, where possible, sweeping views of the city. If you plan to visit London,  book a table at Portrait the restaurant at […]

Top 4 mouthwatering tastes at Borough Market this August

Bread Ahead baguette

Due to some weird roadworks near our place and seriously bucketing down rain I found myself at Borough Market at lunchtime today – oops! So obviously, I had to savour a few bites from this ultimate of London foodie meccas. Borough Market should be renamed Kangaroo Food Court because it is full of Aussie tourists. […]

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