The ultimate Italy packing list [2019] – how to pack for Italy

italy packing list - what to pack for italy

Ciao a tutti! That’s hello everyone in Italian. I’m sure you are excited to be be heading to Italy and you should be! Italy is such a vibrant country full of history, culture, and of course delicious food.  There are a few things to know about packing for Italy. In this article we share our […]

The ultimate London packing list – how to pack for London

London packing list - things to pack for London

London is calling. Your flights and accommodation are booked, and you’ve planned your itinerary and all the attractions you want to see. It’s nearly time to go. So let’s get packing. Packing for London can be a bit daunting so I have broken it down for you. Having spent 8 years in the city as […]