Beyond the spray can: A street art tour of East London

GCAK moth mural seen on Street Art London walking tour

I like street art but I don’t much like graffiti. I get a small thrill from noticing colourful murals and clever stencils peeking out of unexpected places of the cities I live in and visit. Mostly I appreciate their political statements and thought-provoking messages. But the black scrawl of graffiti provokes a negative response in […]

My Brilliant Friend: A book to transport you to Italy

naples italy my brilliant friend

Do you read to take yourself to another place, another time? Every now and again I come across a novel so powerful that I feel drawn to the people and places it describes. This book, My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, took me straight to Naples, the island of Ischia and Florence. It is the story […]

Where to get your Italian culture fix in London

London | UK - Where to find the best Italian food, fashion and art in London

My favourite country to visit is Italy. Sorry France, you come a very close second! I love the picturesque villages and towns, beautiful landscapes and bustling cities. The architecture and attention to detail in Italian art and design work is inspirational. And of course the food is amazing.c Sometimes I feel I need a little hit […]

Hampton Court Palace – a favourite day trip from London

DaytripfromLondon HamptonCourtPalace

Hampton Court Palace is one of my favourite day trips from London. Henry VIII’s Tudor Palace has a long and fascinating history, beautiful grounds and attractions for visitors of all ages. You almost feel like part of living history as you walk in the footsteps of former Kings and Queens of England.  A brief history of […]

Soundtrack to my life – road trip and travel tunes

road trip and travel tunes

How does music you help you remember your holidays? For me some tunes can really take me back to a trip I took, even a long time ago. Road trips especially need a few great tunes for singing along to and they tend to stick in your head. These days we have a rolling medley of Mother Goose […]

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