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best rome food tours

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Eating the best pasta and pizza is, of course, an important part of any trip to Rome. After all, Italian dishes are some of the most popular around the world.

When you join a Rome food tour you’re taken on a journey of discovery of the best eateries in the Eternal City, its famous dishes and some surprises you may not have heard of.

In this article we share the best Rome food tours and experiences in the city to add to your Rome itinerary.

Why take a food tour in Rome

restaurant from food walking tour in rome

Usually in a small group of no more than 10 people,  Rome walking food tours take you around one or two of the city’s neighbourhoods. You’ll stop at traditional eateries and try local specialties like suppli (fried rice balls) and cacio e pepe pasta. Along the the way your guide tells you about the history of the dishes and explains their importance to local culture. You’ll share wine, make new friends and eat a delicious meal or lots of snacks (sometimes both!).
At the end of your experience, the best food tours of Rome provide a list of restaurants to visit so you can continue your eating adventures on your own. It’s the best way to learn about the cuisine of a city and also build confidence to explore on your own. You can even find food tours that cater for dietary requirements and preferences.

Top food tours in Rome

Here are our pick of the best tours you can do in Rome that focus on food, wine and local food culture. 

Rome’s Favorite Food Tour: the 10 Tastings by WithLocals

trastevere food tour rome

Get ready to taste your way around Rome with this tasty food tour that takes in the famous Campo de Fiori market and surrounds. This three hour food tour will have you navigating the best pizza, gelato and street snacks.

Choose your guide for Rome’s Favorite Food Tour: the 10 Tastings from the passionate city team at WithLocals. Start when you like and work with the guide to make sure the itinerary is just right for you and your companions. If there are 2 or more of you this tour costs around the same or even less than a small group tour so you’ll be able to ask all the questions you like and relax at your own pace.

Tour details:

  • Days operated: Monday – Saturday except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day
  • Start time: Available between 12:00 midday and 17:00pm 
  • Tour length: 3 hours
  • Group size: private – so up to you

Best tour for: an introduction to the best food in Rome – from pizza to suppli and the best gelato in town. 

> Click here for latest prices and tour booking

Twilight Testaccio Rome Food Tour by Eating Europe

best food tours rome testaccio

Food tour specialists Eating Europe take you on a stroll though Testaccio, the area of the city that has been known as Rome’s pantry since ancient times. This is a great tour to take if, like us, you’ve visited Rome several times and you want to discover a new area full of surprises.

On the Twilight Testaccio Rome Food Tour you’ll learn the evolution of the making three of the most famous Roman pasta dishes starting with one process, discover an underground cellar with ancient origins and learn what the latest street food sensation trapizzino is. By the end of your tour you’ll be plotting your return to this area to taste just one more bite of delicious cacao e pepe.

Tour details:

  • Days operated: Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sat, Sun
  • Start time: Various times between 17:00pm and 18:45pm
  • Tour length: 4 hours
  • Group size: 12 or under

Best tour for: visitors returning to Rome who want to discover a new and lesser known neighborhood with an incredible food heritage

> Click here for latest prices and tour booking

Rome Street Food Tour by Raphael Tours on GetYourGuide

rome street food tour

If munching on street food snacks is more your style of eating than sit down meals, the Rome Street Food Tour will keep your tummy happy. This tour walks through the Pantheon, Jewish Quarter and Largo di Torre Argentina areas on a mission to keep your hunger at bay with tasty snacks.

You taste suppli rice balls to pizza and gelato, all washed down with local wine or beer, while you take in the sights of these historic Roman neighborhoods dating back 2000 years. Choose from Jewish Quarter, Trastevere

Tour details:

  • Days operated: Every day with a break over Christmas and some public holidays
  • Start time: Jewish Quarter Tour 11:00am and 17:15pm / Trastevere Tour – 10:30am and 17:45pm
  • Tour length: 2.5 hours
  • Group size: 20 or under

Best tour for: people who like their food bite sized

> Click here for latest prices and tour booking

Rome’s Ultimate Vegan Food Tour by WithLocals

foodie tour rome

Italy’s food staples may not seem to lend themselves easily to eating a vegan diet but take this tour and you’ll learn that is a myth. Over 3 hours your guide will take you on a vegan friendly tasting expedition around Rome in search of the most delicious dishes.

The Ultimate Vegan Food Tour of Rome includes 8 tastings such as dairy free gelato, wine and even pizza. You’ll learn all about what dishes to look for on menus so you can continue your eating adventures on your own. 

Tour details:

  • Days operated: Wednesdays
  • Start time: Between 10:00am and 15:00pm
  • Tour length: 2 hours
  • Group size: Private tour so up to you

Best tour for: vegan visitors to Rome – this tour is one of a kind!

> Click here for latest prices and tour booking

Twilight Trastevere Food Tour by Eating Europe

walking food tour rome trastevere

With street food tastings, pizza, pasta, gelato and a twilight walk through the picturesque Trastevere district, the Twilight Trastevere Food Tour gives you a great overview of Roman cuisine. You’ll learn about the tastiest local snacks and best pasta dishes as you walk through one of Rome’s favorite traditional neighborhoods.

Hosted by the fun guides from the Tour Guy (formerly the Roman Guy), this tour makes four stops starting at bustling Campo de’Fiori and crosses the Ponte Sisto into Trastevere, where some of the city’s best restaurants are found. This tour is a great way to learn about the local area as well as discover restaurants and eateries you’ll return to during your time in Rome.

Tour details:

  • Days operated: Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sat
  • Start time: 17:30pm
  • Tour length: 3 hours
  • Group size: 12 or under

Best tour for: discovering a pretty part of the city with fun food tastings. You can read more about this tour in our Rome food guide

> Click here for latest prices and tour booking 

Best food experiences in Rome

Rome Food Tour with Pizza-Making, Trattoria Tastings & Gelato by Take Walks

rome food and wine tour

This experience is so much more than a food tour – Take Walk’s Rome Food tour (formerly Walks of Italy’s) their tour covers pizza making skills as well. You’ll wander through the Jewish Quarter and taste iconic produce and dishes such as pecorino romano sheep’s milk cheese, cured meats and specialty baked goods. 

At your pizza stop it’s time to get hands on with the dough as you learn pizza making techniques that have been passed down over centuries. Eat your creation straight from the oven as Romans intended. You’ll make a final stop for gelato and a recap of the history and traditions of Rome’s food culture.

Experience details:

  • Days operated: Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat
  • Start time: 16:45pm
  • Tour length: 3.5 hours
  • Group size: 12 or less

Best experience for: a combination of tasting and cooking

> Click here for latest prices and tour booking

Catacombs and Gianicolo food tour by EatWith

roman feast eatwith food tours rome

Explore 2,000 year old catacombs on Giancolo hill with your local guide Debora before returning to her home close by for an ancient Roman feast prepared by her family. The Catacombs tour and ancient Roman feast is a truly unique half day experience that we had the pleasure of trying on our last trip to Rome. 

On this tour you go underground below a beautiful church dedicated to a special saint to view ancient burial grounds. You’ll learn some of the incredible secrets of Rome including something very special about Debora’s home. As you feast on your Roman meal, prepared according to ancient recipes, you’ll also have the opportunity to dress up as a gladiator or Roman aristocrat. So. much. fun.

Experience details:

  • Days operated: Mon, Fri
  • Start time: 09:30am 
  • Tour length: 4 hours
  • Group size: 10 or under

Best experience for: history and food buffs wanting an unusual experience in Rome

> Click here for latest prices and tour booking

Rome Walking Tour with Pasta Making Class and Lunch

rome pasta making class

Take a stroll through Rome’s historic center, past well known landmarks the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona on the Rome Walking Tour with Pasta Making Class.  As your guide introduces you to one of the world’s most magnificent cities you’ll build up an appetite for a delicious lunch that you also learn how to prepare. 

With a glass of prosecco in hand it’s time to make pasta and tiramisu so you can recreate some of the memories of your trip to Rome. Of course, it wouldn’t be a food experience without tasting and the morning concludes with your delicious lunch.

Experience details:

  • Days operated: Daily from mid March
  • Start time: 8:30am
  • Tour length: 3.5 hours
  • Group size: 15 or under

Best experience for: a combination of sights and tastes encompassing the best of Rome

> Click here for latest prices and tour booking

Rome Evening Wine and Food Stroll by Eating Europe

rome wine tasting and food tour

If you’re interested in wine and want to learn from one of Italy’s best sommeliers, join Eating Europe’s Rome Evening Wine and Food Stroll.

This progressive dinner takes you on a journey across Italy’s top wine-producing regions and down some of the prettiest streets in Rome. You’ll learn wine pairing tips beyond the basics from the expert sommelier, taste classic dishes and even try a wine infused gelato. 

Experience details:

  • Days operated: Mon, Thur
  • Start time: 18:30pm 
  • Tour length: 3.5 hours
  • Group size: 12 or under

Best experience for: wine lovers

> Click here for latest prices and tour booking

VIP Michelin Star Food Tour by Withlocals

VIP Michelin Star rome food experiences

Do you love fine dining? Join Withlocals VIP Michelin Star Food Tour and you can taste your way around four of Rome’s best fine dining establishments. This private tour offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the dishes of 3 Michelin starred chefs, featuring premium ingredients in some of the most celebrated establishments in Rome.

Experience details:

  • Days operated: Most days
  • Start time: 11:30am 
  • Tour length: 3.5 hours

Best experience for: fine dining connoisseurs who want to experience several venues in Rome

> Click here for latest prices and tour booking

Food tours and activities for families in Rome

family friendly food tour in rome italy

Children love eating and learning about food and there’s no better way to get them acquainted with the local culture than let them taste their away around the cuisine. These days, tour companies have created special tours and experiences just for families that kids will love. Here are some favorites:

  • Mamma Mia! Rome’s Best Family Food tour [WithLocals] – this private customized tour is our pick of the bunch. You can choose you guide to match your interests and let them know the ages of your children and any likes and dislikes so the tour is right for you. Kids go free on this 3 hour tour > click here for details
  • Pizza and gelato making class [Cookly] – learn to make Italian staples pizza and gelato. This is a fun class for children to learn about Italian food close to Piazza Navona > click here for details
  • Family Market Tour [Eating Europe] – this tour combines food and art for a wonderful half day experience. Led by an experienced teacher, your family will learn about Rome’s treasures and munch on the tastiest food in the Testaccio district > click here for details

Some tour companies like The Roman Guy/Tour Guy are happy for kids to join a standard tour and you’ll only need to pay if they are eating and they are under 6 years old. Our kids held their own on their Trastevere food tour and loved every minute.

Recommended Rome food tour companies

eating italy food tours - testaccio
Photo: Jax Hanna

Didn’t find quite what you were looking for in the list above? We have tried and tested tours and experiences by all these companies and recommend them wholeheartedly for their professionalism, customer service and of course deliciousness of their food tours.


  • Eating Europe (Eating Italy) – are food tour specialists and experts at finding the best examples of local dishes and knowledgeable foodie guides. The company started in Rome over 10 years ago so it is fair to say they know a bit about the local food culture > browse all tours
  • WithLocals – offer unique private guided experiences at very reasonable prices – sometimes less than small group tours. Choose your guide and customize set itineraries based on your interests and enjoy the expertise of passionate locals ready to share their city with you > browse Rome food tours
  • Take Walks (Walks of Italy) – design wonderful tours and have a longstanding reputation for excellent service, groups under 20 people and guaranteed departures. So if you are the only person booked on a tour it will still go ahead. Cancelations and changes can be made up to 72 hours before departure > browse all tours
  • Liv Tours – are a Rome based family run company specializing in very small and private tours and experiences across Italy. If you click on this link or use code ‘UntoldItaly’ on their website and make a booking, a 5% discount is applied at checkout

Top tips and FAQ about food tours in Rome

Rome food guide
When should we take our food tour?

We recommend joining a Rome foodie tour early in your stay. You don’t need to research where to eat, as the best food tours of will give you a list of establishments your guide will let you know the perfect spot to dine depending on your tastes and preferences. After your tour you’ll know how to order a dish or two. You’ll have all the knowledge and confidence you need to explore on your own. No bad gelato for you!

Are there any markets we can visit on a tour?

Yes! Campo de Fiori and Testaccio markets are often included in food tour in Rome itineraries. If you’re interested in visiting markets then choose a tour during the day as the markets usually close before 5pm

Do tour companies cater for food allergies and intolerances?

Yes food tour companies generally cater well for allergies and intolerances. Gluten intolerance is increasing among Italians so you will find they can cater for that easily. If you are vegan you may like to look for a specific tour like this one that will cater to your specific needs.

Make sure you mention your dietary requirements when booking your tour.

How much will a food tour cost in Rome?

Expect to pay between €60 and €90 for 2.5 to 4 hours – this is excellent value considering you’ll get a guided tour and all the amazing food plus tips on where to eat next

How much food will I eat on the tour?

Lots! Eat light before your tour as you will be generously fed as we have been on all the food tours we’ve tried

I don’t drink alcohol – is a food tour still worth it?

Yes, it is. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on all that yummy food. If you don’t drink alcohol you will likely be offered mineral water as an alternative. Sodas and soft drinks are generally more expensive than good table wine so are not usually offered as inclusions in tours. Let the tour company know when you book that this is your preference

More fun times in Rome

rome foodie tour

Taking a food tour in Rome is a must do activity for your trip to the Eternal City. Food plays such a big part in the city’s culture that if you skip these activities you’ll miss out on understanding what makes Rome tick. We hope you found the perfect food tour for your trip in our list of tried and tested favorites.

We have lots more information to help you plan your activities in Rome in the articles below:

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