Memories and Tuscan cuisine created at a Florence cooking class

chopped fresh tomatoes

To immerse yourself in a country, you must understand its food culture. Nowhere is this more true than in Italy. So when you visit Florence, one of the Italian food capitals, make sure to discover what is special about local Tuscan cuisine. How do you do it? Take a cooking class in Florence with an […]

Pienza – a hilltop town in southern Tuscany

Pienza Tuscany Italy

People always say, “ask the locals” when you go travelling. It’s a bit of a cliché but I always find it pays off. Earlier this year when I visited Brescia in Lombardy, I asked our wonderful tour guide where her favourite place was in Italy. Without hesitation she replied – “Pienza Tuscany”. So when the […]

Valley of the Temples Sicily – visitor guide and highlights

Valley of the Temples Sicily

Transport yourself back to the 6th century BC and the time of the Ancient Greeks when you visit Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples in Italy. This incredibly well preserved series of temples and buildings is one of Italy’s most famous archaeological sites and a must visit on your trip to Sicily. Here you […]

35 Italian food facts to inspire a trip to Italy

Caprese Salad Italian food facts

What inspires you to take a trip to Italy? Is it the rich culture, picturesque villages, exciting cities or incredible landscapes? For many people, myself included, a love of the food of Italy is key reason why they return again and again. Here are some fun Italian food facts to inspire your next trip to […]