7 reasons to join a Sorrento food tour on your trip to Italy

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When in the south of Italy, join a Sorrento food tour. This city by the sea is no doubt on your Italian itinerary and you’re in for a treat. Not only is Sorrento famous for incredible views of the Bay of Naples and an enviable position close to some of Italy’s best loved places and sights, it’s also famous for some of the most delicious food in the country.

Let the tastes and food of Sorrento be one of the enduring memories of your trip to Italy. Join a tour focused on local dishes and cuisine and let your host show you the city and its food culture through their eyes. We spoke to Vanessa Brown-Giglio, Sorrento local and co-owner of Gourmet Girls Italy on what you can expect on a food tour in her home town.

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1. Taste local cuisine and seasonal dishes

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Everyone knows pizza and pasta, but what’s most important about food in Italy is the variety of dishes and techniques that differ from region to region. You can even find dishes that are very specific to a town or village.

In Sorrento the cuisine is influenced by its position close to the sea and produce typical of the area. You can expect citrus flavors thanks to the lemon and orange groves. And a healthy respect for buffalo mozzarella for which this region is renowned. Of course a truly great food tour will reveal seasonal tastes and dishes, not just the well worn classics. 

2. Discover local wines

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Wine in Italy is always paired with food. And it stands to reason that local wines complement the dishes of the region. But if you’re not familiar with regional grape varieties in Italy then it can be a little overwhelming.

When you join a food tour in Sorrento you’ll be introduced to the local drops and no doubt discover some new varieties to seek out when you get home. By the end of the evening you’ll know when to choose a Falanghina or Biancolella. Not to mention everyone’s favorite Italian liqueur – limoncello! 

3. Enjoy southern Italian hospitality and culture

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Sorrento is a town full of promise. Of memorable views, sea breezes and adventures to come. But in this city you’ll also find some of the friendliest people you are ever likely to meet. People who are proud of their city and region and of course its local produce and cuisine. They are generous to a fault.

There are no small portions here so bring your appetite and a bring smile to greet your new friends, the restauranteurs who welcome you to their home town and proudly introduce you to the dishes of the Campania region. 

4. Uncover the hidden secrets of Sorrento

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Many visitors rush through Sorrento on their way to Capri or the Amalfi Coast but the city has its own special charms. And they are best experienced with a local host. Join a food tour with several stops and allow your host to steer you through the pretty cobbled streets of the historic old town, pointing out interesting landmarks, boutiques and special providores along the way. If you’re bringing home food souvenirs (hello limoncello!), you want them to be the very best right?

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5. Learn the best restaurants to book

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No bad meals for you! Busy tourist towns like Sorrento unfortunately have some less than authentic eateries. But that won’t concern you if you spend some time getting to know the best local restaurants on a food tour.

We always recommend taking a tour at the start of your stay so you pick up all the useful addresses and contacts you need to ensure your meals in Sorrento are truly delicious. Remember, magic happens when you have local connections in Italy. 

6. Have your evening taken care of by incredible hosts

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You’re on vacation so it is only right that you relax and enjoy your time enjoying your meal and wine without worrying about details.

Rely on your host to guide you not only through the streets but restaurants, menus and wine lists to suit your tastes. It is the mark of a true host who can ensure you have an enjoyable time, outside of your comfort zone. 

7. Create memories to last a lifetime

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We’ve already spoken about the legendary hospitality that southern Italy is famous for. What you may not realize, is that those warm welcomes and friendly smiles ensure your evening exploring local food in Sorrento will be a night you’ll remember fondly for a very long time. Probably forever.

When you look back on your trip highlights, sharing food and wine with new friends in the beautiful setting that is Sorrento is sure to be among them.

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Best Sorrento food tour

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Make sure to choose your food tour in Sorrento with care. Look for an experience that delivers the best local food, wine and culture plus a serious dash of fun.  Eating the Italian way is a true sensory experience best savored over a glass or two of wine and amazing company. You don’t want to be rushed through in a big group and you do want a host that can read the mood and make sure you are having a great time.

Our friends at Gourmet Girls Italy would be delighted to welcome you on their food tours in Sorrento. With smaller groups of up to 10 people, you’ll be sure to enjoy a fun day or evening full of feasting, fun and new friends. Three hour tours depart most weeks throughout the year:

  • Tuesdays and Fridays – 11:00am
  • Wednesdays and Saturdays – 17:30pm

If you’d prefer a private tour they can arrange that too. Gourmet Girls Italy are happy to offer our readers 5% off their tours. Use code – UntoldItaly2020 – when making your booking.

If you’re visiting Sorrento, Italy’s southern belle city by the sea, make sure to join a food tour. It will be a highlight of your trip.

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