Italian Riviera with kids

Italian riviera with kids - this region of Italy is wonderful place for a family holiday

Italy is such a wonderful family holiday destination it is sometimes difficult to choose where to visit. The Italian Riveria near Genoa was high on my must do list but I did have concerns about the terrain and glamour factor. It’s no holiday when your kids are running amok.. being kids… if you are surrounded […]

My gelato obsession – how to find the best gelato

Gelato flavours and best places to try this delicious Italian dessert

I tasted my first proper gelato on the banks of Lake Garda, Italy, in the pretty town of Sirmione. It was a far cry from the whipped up sugary technicolour mess that passed for gelato in my childhood. This version was creamy and full of flavour. I wanted to savour every mouthful. These days gelato […]

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