A perfect day exploring the Tuscan hills near Lucca

Tuscany Italy - hills near Lucca

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Does your dream vacation in Italy include a leisurely day exploring the Tuscan hills?

I am sure you want to see all the sights of  the big cities in Italy – Rome, Venice and Florence.

And most people cannot resist the call of  Sicily, the Amalfi Coast or the Italian Riviera.

But I also recommend taking a day to explore the countryside and small towns of Tuscany.

Tuscany, Italy

View from our Tuscany villa in Bagni di Lucca

The Tuscan hills near Lucca

We rented our Tuscany villa in Bagni di Lucca, just outside of the pretty medieval walled city of Lucca.

This pretty series of villages along the river Lima was the perfect base to explore the hills of northern Tuscany and the Garfagnana region. You can just as easily plan a day trip from Florence or Pisa to this area.

Driving west from Bagni you follow the river south west towards Lucca. In this part of Tuscany towns are built on the banks of several rivers that wind their way through the fertile hills.

Where there are rivers, you also find bridges.

The beautiful arched Ponte della Maddalena or Ponte Del Diavolo (Devil’s Bridge) is an 12th century footbridge crossing the Serchio River.

Tuscan hills - the Ponte della Maddalena or Ponte Del Diavolo near Lucca

The origins of the dual names of the bridge come from the life size image of the Virgin Mary (Maddalena) that was once found at the foot of the bridge and an interesting legend.

According to local lore the devil helped build the bridge in return for the soul of the first being to cross it. The devil was tricked by clever Saint Julian who saw to it that a dog was the first being to cross the bridge.

Whatever the name, it is a very pretty bridge worthy of a visit.

Continue alongside the Serchio through hills and valleys bathed in sunlight. Pass through ancient towns and villages dotted along the roadside.

Notice the grey stone buildings and terracotta roofs typical of the region.

Eventually you reach the market town of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana where you can explore the fortifications of Rocca Ariostesca, poet Ariosto’s castle, and the pretty duomo.

Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

Discover local Tuscan produce

Time to stop for lunch and hopefully you made a booking at Osteria Vecchio Mulino to try the local specialties.

Garfagnana is famous for farro and we tried the most delicious salad made from the grain as well as cured meats and cheese paired with local honey. If you are lucky you might see the largest mortadella round possibly ever made.

But the most memorable dish was truffle bruschetta.

This dish was so moreish and delicious I can’t bear to think that I may never taste it again.

It goes without saying that the wine was excellent also.

Cured meats from Tuscany

After lunch take a leisurely drive through the hills. Seek out views across the densely wooded landscape from vantage points such as the villages of Montefegatesi or Tereglio.

Mountain goats climb the rocky hills below much as they have done for centuries.

Here you gaze down on the villages of Bagni di Lucca, once the summer playground of Napoleon and his family.

No doubt the original attraction was the thermal springs and baths known for their health benefits.

These days you can find the baths in the village of Ponte a Seraglio.

Osteria Vecchio Mulino in Tuscany

We preferred to return to our villa for a swim and a walk down to town for (another) simple but incredibly delicious truffle pizza.

In the bars and osterias of the villages you ease into local life. The atmosphere is relaxed and the pace is slower.

Why visit Tuscany?

Tuscany Italy a perfect Italy holiday

This is Tuscany. Here the hills are quiet save for the sounds of crickets chirping. You wander down sun dappled pathways lined with stone walls, past olive groves and chestnut trees.

The local bar serves some of the best gelato you have ever tasted and the path on your walk home is lit up by a thousand fireflies.

You contemplate selling everything to make this your permanent home. Then you drift off to sleep in the warm summer night air.

And there you have it. A perfect day exploring the hillside towns of Tuscany. Bellissimo.

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