Balinese food guide – 10 local foods to try in Bali

Balinese food guide sate satay

Bali has been one of my favourite destinations since my first visit to Indonesia as a teenager. I love its unique culture, colourful ceremonies and, of course, delicious Balinese food. Balinese cuisine reflects the mainly Hindu population of the island but also borrows from the cooking traditions of nearby Java and as far afield as […]

Top picks for a perfectly English afternoon tea in London

English afternoon tea in London

When it comes to British food traditions, is there anything more perfectly English than the institution of afternoon tea? Possibly fish and chips or a roast dinner but they are not nearly as exciting or filled with ritual as a proper English afternoon tea with all the trimmings and ceremony. Whether you are visiting London […]

35 Italian food facts to inspire a trip to Italy

Caprese Salad Italian food facts

What inspires you to take a trip to Italy? Is it the rich culture, picturesque villages, exciting cities or incredible landscapes? For many people, myself included, a love of the food of Italy is key reason why they return again and again. Here are some fun Italian food facts to inspire your next trip to […]

Unearthing the tastes and slow food of Brescia Italy

People enjoying Brescia con Gusto

Translated – Eat to live and not live to eat How could you go to Italy and not enjoy the food? It is, of course, one of the delights of travelling in Italy and one of my passions. But food in Italy is more than about taste. It’s about respect for the land, the people […]